Cardinalini, "Made in Umbria" style directory

22/06/2015 21:34

Cardinalini, "Made in Umbria” style directory

marco agabitini -1902 - Copia

A company that passionately lives and interprets its land, Umbria, and its authentic values: respect for the environment, social responsibility, research, innovation. These are the "golden rules” of Cardinalini SpA, the company "enlightened” by the sun.
A modern enterprise in the fashion world that from the start has aimed at creating a product with a greater focus on research and creativity, working over the years with internationally renowned designers and labels. The story begins at the end of World War II, when Aldo Cardinalini and his wife Liliana Borioli, after acquiring war surplus material, began to work as the street vendors selling fabrics at local fairs. Then in 1963, the first clothing workshop was founded, which at the end of the 1960s would diversify with the introduction of lightweight fabrics, for the making of jersey garments. In the 1970s, first Mauro Cardinalini and then his wife Paola joined the company, thus laying the foundations for Cardinalini’s entry among the most prominent companies in the textile and clothing sector. Based on a knowledge of the craft passed down not through books, but from hand to hand through the development of know-how, the Cardinalini "project” has roots with deep ties to the values of over fifty years of tradition. Today the company, which has always been family-run, has also taken in the Cardinalini children, Marco and Mara, which took place gradually, diversifying their roles and jobs according to their different professional capabilities resulting from their studies. Focusing everything on care and attention to detail, with the introduction of modern technologies for all stages of the production process and highly skilled workers – all women – where even the youngest, with the valuable coaching of the senior workers, feel like they are important components that are completely integrated with the whole company "machine.” This far-sighted policy has helped Cardinalini SpA to remain an industry leader for three generations. Today Marco works mainly with foreign customer management, and Mara instead with Italian customers; dad Mauro handles all financial aspects and institutional relations, also holding the office of Chairman of Fidindustria Umbria; mom Paola organizes production and personnel, and her brother Otello manages all technical aspects and training.
A missed opportunity: "do you know the transparent elastic for bras? Well, it came about as an idea by our technician Otello Conti, who in 1996 thought of using this material as trim. The company that manufactured it realized its potential, and commissioned us to do research and development for new applications, and that gave birth to the idea of using transparent elastic for bra shoulder straps. The manufacturer used the idea and created "La Bretella” ("The Strap”), which in 1998 reached sales of 2 billion meters. It was a missed opportunity because we did not get the patent for that idea.”
Cardinalini SpA has come a long way. From the beginning it has won over an increasing number of fashion houses, even the most demanding and prestigious, who confidently rely on these skilled garment makers, because they are certain they will get quality products and services.
The sun is the latest "star” in this long and extraordinary adventure, the news that projects Cardinalini toward the future: the choice to move towards the use of renewable energy sources with a photovoltaic system that allows the plant to be 100% independent for the consumption of electricity. After all, an entirely Made in Italy company that speaks Umbrian could only have a green heart, the "green heart of Umbria”!
(Source: Annuario Economico dell’Umbria – ESG89 Group)