Il jersey

The players: the Italian region of Umbria, its people and the knowing hands of those who bring fashion to life. The Cardinalini family, over 50 years of hard work, and thanks to the wide-reaching, far-sighted vision it has embraced, has been able to re-define the concept of the textile/clothing company. Production takes place entirely on the premises: from the pattern to the prototype and from the pattern book to the purchase of the fabrics and the accessories, to the planning of the production, the manufacturing and the delivery of the finished product to the Client’s warehouse.

This is the 360-degree high quality our company offers by combining creativity and inventiveness but also the experience, knowledge and reliability developed over years of working with the most prestigious fashion maisons.
The first step in the process is for the Pattern Department to design the final product. A preliminary meeting with the Client allows us to understand their initial ideasand define the atmosphere which inspires the collection, in order to interpret the lines, fit and final aspects of the items to be produced. Our designers draw from our vast archive of stitches and technical solutions for jersey and cut-and-sew knitwear, which can be customised on demand in terms of fabrics, colours and sizes.

The Client’s idea is then developed into a pattern, following specific models for jersey and cut-and-sew knitwear developed by highly specialised staff in many years of work. A first prototype is made from which, through adjustments and changes, the final sample is developed. This is then subjected to washing tests to check the fabric and accessories for shrinkage, twisting and colour resistance.

From testing the sample item to size development, using the operating system and automatic marking. Depending on the Client’s requirements, a first set of items can be produced to test the yield of multilayered-cut fabric and also, if required, different sets of sizes. Thanks to synergic collaborations with other Italian textile/clothing manufacturers, our company can also provide services including silk-screen printing, industrial cleaning, fabric tests and treatments. Production times are plannedin advance so as to guarantee the delivery of the final products by the established deadline and, if required, any stocks. We aim to realize economically competitive productions while preserving the traditional, hand-made touch.

Our company has a Lectra automatic cutting system and a customised cloth spreading machine for jersey and cut-and-sew knitwear. At this stage, specific quality checks are carried out on the treatments applied to the various panels. Different coloured models are divided into separate lots. In the case of specific styling requirements, it is possible to hand-cut the fabric to preserve any printed patterns or specific features. Sewing The cut pieces are then assembled, applying or making borders, collars, embroideries, stickers, buttons, linings, labels and buttonholesas well as pre-ironing, cleaning the products and performing any other tasks necessary to obtain the finished product. Our laboratory has over 110 sewing machines. Two in-house engineers support all of the production stages and address any technical or thread tension / fabric yield issues. They also contribute by researching and developing new technical solutions.

At every stage of the production, interim quality checks are performed to highlight any issues and avoid the production of second choice items by re-cutting defective pieces and pre-ironing them, so as to ensure compliance with size charts. Furthermore, in the final stage, the assembled item is fully tested in all aspects: from the seams to the fabric and the correct application of all the accessories. The entire process takes place in a suitably-lit environment, with specific equipment.

Checks continue during the ironing stage and a general, final check is performed to test that the product complies with the size chart. Finally, the packaging stage is designed to preserve the fabric and guarantee that the final product is maintained until it is taken out of the package to be displayed.