The Cardinalini family

Drawing from the wisdom of tradition, passing on precious knowledge from generation to generation and managing the company over the years to compete at the top level today and safely tackle the challenges of tomorrow: Cardinalini’s values are deeply rooted in a tradition over 50 years old. Founded in 1963, our company has been constantly evolving, led through the decades by three generations to meet the changing needs of the textile industry. As with all family-run companies, generational turnovers are delicate passages. Mauro Cardinalini – the son of Aldo – and his wife Paola, were the first to inherit the company, modernising it byacquiring the most advanced technologies, so that all production stages could take place on the premises.

"How do we work? The Client provides us with a design of the item of clothing they want to make and describes what their market wants – then we develop a pattern, a prototype, a pattern book, purchase the fabrics, plan the production, manufacture the product and deliver it to the Client’s warehouse.”
Mauro Cardinalini
The family’s third generation, Marco and Mara, have entered the management gradually, with different roles reflecting their different educational and professional profiles. This has ensured that the company’s key positions are occupied by family members because they have specific skills and experience which allows them to value this precious opportunity, earning the rights to contribute to the development of the Cardinalini brand.