The traditional textile industry and contemporary fashion combine to create exclusive products, masterfully representing the unique ‘Made-in-Italy’ manufacturing philosophy.

Choose Cardinalini & C. Spa as a strategic manufacturing partner for your collections: proactive collaboration from the initial idea to the finished product, without forgetting the values of traditional, hand-made fashion.
Our strength lies in our attention to details, from our ‘eighteen stitches per inch’ policy, to the latest technology employed in our workshop, ensuring the best results in all the stages of production, which takes place entirely on our premises. All this is reflected in our production capacity of 5,000 items per month, our refined finished productsand our guarantee for always meeting delivery deadlines.
Our credibility has allowed us to work with the most prestigious luxury brands worldwide. And the impressive energy of our company’s passionate employees is joined by that of the sun: a modern photovoltaic power system makes our plant totally self-sufficient in terms of power consumption.