• A 50-year-old business tradition

    Founded in 1963, our company has been constantly evolving, led through the decades by three generations to meet the changing needs of the textile industry.

  • Creativity and innovation, rooted in tradition

    Our strength lies in our attention to details, from our 'eighteen stitches per inch' policy, to the latest technology we employ in all stages of our production, and our highly skilled and specialised workforce.

  • A little...green revolution

    Thanks to our modern photovoltaic power system, our plant is totally self-sufficient in terms of power consumption.

A 100%

made-in-Italy product

Production takes place entirely on the premises. This is the 360-degree high quality our company offers by combining creativity and inventiveness but also the experience and knowledge.


Our work is


We develop a pattern, a prototype, a pattern book, purchase the materials, plan the production, manufacture the product and deliver it to the Client’s warehouse


Customised products...

for every clients

Our designers draw from our vast archive of stitches and technical solutions for jersey and cut-and-sew knitwear, which can be customised on demand in terms of materials, colours and sizes.